Realme GT 2 Pro didn’t launch, but we get a glimpse of its key features: Take a look

Realme at its “Innovation Forward” event announced its new GT 2 series flagship smartphone. While the company refrained from showcasing the device, it did reveal a number of its new features like a 150-degree ultra-wide camera, a bio-polymer based back cover and more. Here we will take a close look at all of the features the company revealed for its upcoming Realme GT 2 Pro smartphone.


Realme GT 2 Pro will sport an ultra wide angle lens, which according to the company will offer the best field of view (FOV) in the market. The device will be the world’s first smartphone to come with a 150-degree ultra wide camera. The device will also feature a built-in fisheye mode, which will produce strong visual distortion and an ultra-long depth of field effect.

Custom back panel

Realme GT 2 Pro will feature a new bio-polymer based back cover created by Japanese designer, Naoto Fukusawa. The design is inspired by paper, and it will be the first smartphone in the world to be designed with bio-based materials.

Apart from this, the company also announced that its new box design will reduce overall plastic ratio – from 21.7 percent in the previous generation to 0.3 percent.

Better connectivity

Realme revealed that its upcoming flagship smartphone will come equipped with an Antenna Array Matrix System (HyperSmart Antenna Switching, a Wi-Fi enhancer, and 360-degree near-field communication (NFC) technology). With the help of this system, the company claims to have managed to include 21 wrap-around antennas that cover all sides of the phone, thus helping maintain signal strength at all times. It would also allow the device to choose the best incoming signals.

The device will also feature a symmetrical Wi-Fi antenna, with which the company claims to have improved signal stability by 20 percent.

Realme GT 2 Pro‘s top two cellular antennas will feature an integrated NFC signal transceiver function, which will help facilitate the use of NFC for swiping cards or smartphones.

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