They say you should never rely solely on AnTuTu scores while choosing your next smartphone. The synthetic benchmark platform barely represents the real-world performance and is only representative of the raw performance under ideal conditions. Still, if you care for AnTuTu scores and the newly launched Realme GT, this could be a setback for you. The Realme GT has been caught cheating.

Based on a post from AnTuTu on Weibo, the Realme GT has allegedly faked its advertised score of 750,000. As a result, AnTuTu has removed the Realme GT’s score from its platform and banned any reruns for the next three months. Realme has also been asked to provide clarity on the benchmark cheating, and if it fails to do so, the Realme GTs score will be permanently removed.

Realme GT caught cheating on AnTuTu

This isn’t the first time a smartphone has been found cheating on benchmark scores. Previously, it was Huawei and OnePlus who have caught practicing such actions. Realme is yet to come up with an answer to AnTuTu’s claims.

AnTuTu has also detailed the process that Realme used to fake the benchmark scores. The Realme GT apparently delayed its threads, thereby forcing the app to use superior performance cores. This helped the phone improve its overall scores. The phone is also said to modify the reference JPG image used by the benchmarking platform to reduce processing times and achieve a higher score.

Realme GT 5G

Image: Realme

AnTuTu says it also questioned Realme after the phone claimed such high benchmark numbers. Realme, however, is yet to come up with a reply.

To reiterate, the Realme GT relies on the same Snapdragon 888 chipset that Xiaomi uses in the Mi 11. However, the Mi 11 could only gather a score of 708,900, which is much lower than what the Realme GT claimed. In fact, the current leaders on the AnTuTu charts have a score nearing 720,000 approximately. The top three spots are occupied by the iQOO 7, Vivo X60 Pro Plus, and the Redmi K40 Pro.

Benchmark scores are still not the ultimate parameter to judge a phone by. However, a smartphone brand faking scores definitely raises questions on the actual performance credentials of the phone.

Do note that Realme hasn’t launched the Realme GT in India yet. The company unveiled the Realme X7 Pro last month and is preparing to launch the Realme 8 series in India.

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