Let’s play a game: How many Narzo phones did Realme launch in 2020? Two? Four? Alright, let’s go through the list. There’s the Narzo 10A and Narzo 10 from the first-gen release back in the summer. Then came the Narzo 20A, Narzo 20, and Narzo 20 Pro a few months ago. Five devices so far! Realme possibly wants to add three more to the series even before the Narzo series completes a year. Yes, the Narzo 30 series is coming soon.

Popular tipster Mukul Sharma has shared some information on Realme’s next smartphone launch and that’s happening in January 2021. It will be the Narzo 30 series and Sharma says there will be two models at launch, if not three. He confirms the vanilla Narzo 30 as well as the pumped-up Narzo 30 Pro. A third device is also hinted at as well and we believe it could be the Narzo 30A.

Realme Narzo 30 series coming in January 2021

While the names and a probable launch date have been leaked, it is the specifications that are still a mystery. Nothing faint is known about these smartphones but we can always speculate, based on some recent announcements. Earlier in the day, MediaTek announced we will see new phones in January 2021 running on the Dimensity 800U chipset. There are chances that this Narzo 30 Pro could debut the chip in India.

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The Pro variant could also draw from the current models, which means you can expect the now-standard 90Hz LCD display, the 65W fast charging system, and probably the same 64-megapixel quad-camera system. The Dimensity 800U chip could bring 5G to the masses, although it could raise the price for the Pro model.

The regular Narzo 30 could continue using a 4G MediaTek chipset and maybe gain the 90Hz display. Again, it is quite difficult to predict the mix-n-match Realme plays with its parts bin. The third Narzo 30A could slip under the Rs 10,000 mark, thereby making for another new offering in that segment.

Before the Narzo series comes up, leaks have already pointed at two new Realme launches that could happen in December itself. Realme has already teased the Realme Watch S Pro for India coming very soon. The Watch S Pro is expected to take on the Mi Watch Revolve from Xiaomi that launched a few months ago.

In the other news, there are also talks of a Realme X7 Pro flagship for India, although the news around it has dampened now. Realme’s last launch involved the Narzo 20 series as well as a couple of IoT products.

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