China-based technology manufacturer Realme, which we know mostly for the smartphones it has launched, has recently expanded its product range considerably. In this context, the company, which provides services in many areas from smart televisions to wearable technology, is preparing to introduce its 360-degree camera called Realme Smart Cam 360°.

The company announced the product’s release date with a poster shared today and pointed to the launch for Wednesday, October 7. Realme Buds Wireless Pro and Realme Buds Air Pro products are also expected to be introduced at the same event. The company’s new product will compete with Xiaomi’s offering of smart devices.

Realme Smart Cam 360° design

With the promotional image shared by Realme, the design of the 360-degree camera has also emerged. The Realme Smart Cam 360°, which will be the company’s first home security camera, has a white polycarbonate body outside the black sphere where the camera is located. Since the camera’s main feature is touted towards its 360 degrees capability, it is estimated that the device will rotate on a round base.

However, we do not know whether the device has a rechargeable battery, as there is no power cable in the shared image. There are many details we do not know about Realme’s 360 degrees home security camera. However, we believe it will have night vision, motion detection, storage expansion support, and an affordable price tag.

Realme will launch the company’s first home security camera, Smart Cam 360°, as a rival to Xiaomi, which has been offering home security cameras for years. Xiaomi’s product range includes many different smart home security cameras. At this point, Realme’s application of a similar price policy may intensify the competition. As mentioned, Realme, one of the most remarkable technology manufacturers of recent times, has announced that the product will be introduced at a launch event to be held on October 7.

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