Realme has announced the timeline for January update for all its smartphones – Realme U1, Realme 2, Realme 2 Pro, Realme C1, and Realme 1. The company will be providing OTA updates for these devices in a gradual rollout, so “not all devices will receive the update on the very first day”.

As per Realme‘s official forum post, the Realme U1 will get the OTA update sometime in the middle of January. Along with the latest Android security patch, Realme U1 will get a new camera watermark design with Realme’s new logo, optimized reminders for Developer Options, Accessibility Mode, and Device Manager. The device will also get a ‘Reboot’ option in shutdown interface.

Notably, the new Realme logo camera watermark is standard change for all Realme U1, Realme 2, Realme 2 Pro, Realme C1, and Realme 1 devices. For the Realme 2, the Android Security Patch update will also include Realme Material Design Theme. It is set to roll out around the end of January 2019.

Concerning the Realme C1, the phone will also get the latest Android security patch alongside material design theme and updated camera watermark logo. It will also get the update by the end of January 2019. Check out the latest watermark logo with Realme’s branding ‘Shot on Realme’ in the image below.

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Other three Realme devices, the Realme C1, 2 Pro and Realme 1 will get OTA updates towards the end of January and February, respectively. Realme 1 and Realme 2 Pro users will have Bootloader Unlock and Kernel Sources as well. The Realme 2 Pro users will be able to download from January 15, while the same will arrive for Realme 1 users in February.

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