The Realme X50 5G was the Chinese phone maker’s first 5G device, which led to the X50 Pro 5G, the brand’s first true flagship phone. Expanding into the segment the X50 5G created, Realme later launched three more devices with the X50 moniker. This includes the Realme X50 Pro Player Edition, a gaming-oriented smartphone that was just launched this week. However, the X50 series is still not complete as Realme is gearing up to launch a new device called the Realme X50t 5G.

The Realme X50t 5G would be the fifth device to bear the X50 branding. It was recently spotted on the Google Play supported devices list. The 5G in the name of the phone makes sure that it is a 5G-enabled phone. Further, the t in smartphone nomenclature is often associated with ‘Turbo’. This means the Realme X50t 5G could actually succeed the original X50 5G by being a more powerful variant.

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Well, the original X50 5G features the Snapdragon 765 SoC, which was recently succeeded by the Snapdragon 768G SoC. We could hence, see the new Snapdragon 768G on the Realme X50t 5G. It is also possible that the phone switches to the MediaTek Dimensity 1000/1000+ for the new device. This speculation and the model numbers RMX2052 and RMX2052CN is all that the Google Play listing reveals. However, if there is such a phone that has already started grabbing official certifications, we can be sure of a nearby launch.

Other Realme X50 variants

Realme came out with the original X50 5G in January 2020. A month later, the company came out with the more powerful, higher-end Realme X50 Pro 5G smartphone bearing the Snapdragon 865 SoC. In April, just two months later, Realme already made the X50m 5G, a trimmed down variant of the original X50 5G. Then came the gaming-oriented Realme X50 Pro Player Edition which was launched this week. Now the new phone is set to the fifth device in the X50 series.

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