Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi recently accused Oppo sub-brand Realme of being a ‘copy-cat brand’ in the Indian smartphone market. Soon after, Realme CEO Madhav Sheth took to Twitter on Tuesday, stating that “a real innovative brand and market leader won’t behave like that”. “Basic dignity and ethics should be maintained no matter how insecure you are of your competitor’s growth,” added Sheth.

Realme and Xiaomi have been waging war against each for some time now. But the Twitter war between the two brands escalated last week. “Funny! A copy-cat brand mocks us. Later this brand brings ads and some ppl start blaming us. Most brands push ads but only Xiaomi is bashed. Because we’ve been transparent about our business model. If any journalist wants to understand our internet business, I’m happy to talk!,” tweeted Xiaomi boss Manu Kumar Jain.

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Madhav Sheth told IANS that “It does not suit brands to lower their corporate ethics and get into mud-slinging on social media as it only harms the overall industry sentiments. We are here to provide our users best of the experiences and Realme would rather focus on that.”

In May 2019, both men took to Twitter, starting with Jain’s outburst against Realme. The Xiaomi man hit out at the Realme 3 Pro smartphone. He pointed out that it features the Qualcomm Snapdragon 710, adding that it is older than Snapdragon 675 used in Xiaomi’s then-latest device Redmi Note 7 Pro. Madhav Sheth reacted calling Xiaomi “insecure” of its success in the country. “Someone is afraid,” he tweeted.

In 2019, Xiaomi had garnered 28 percent market share while Realme registered 10 percent market share. Notably, Realme had arrived in the country barely a year ago and was growing at a massive 255 percent. “We will focus on making #realme the best in 2020. Rest is their choice, we don’t bother,” Sheth tweeted.

Madhav Sheth on the growth of Realme in India

According to the Realme man, the brand’s growth has not declined in the country. “In Q4, we always control supplies after the bumper online festive season as being an online brand, whatever we bring to the country, we sell and do not dump devices in warehouses. We know the demand and react accordingly,” he stated. Madhav Sheth went on to add that “the 255 per cent growth for 2019 is proof that Indians are in love with Realme devices and have a high respect for the brand.”

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