Realme wants to become the leader in the tech lifestyle ecosystem in the years to come. To achieve the aim, the company has already taken its first step. Realme has partnered with Dizo to bring exciting and innovative tech lifestyle products for Indian consumers.

Dizo hosted its first launch event in India and launched new products including Dizo GoPods D TWS and Wireless neckband with Game mode. As for the pricing, Dizo GoPods D TWS earbuds comes at Rs 1,599 but will be available at an introductory price of Rs 1,399 during the first sale.

The Dizo Wireless earphones has been launched at a price of Rs 1,499 but can be grabbed at an introductory price of Rs 1,299 during the first sale. As for the availability, the Dizo Wireless earphones will be available starting July 7 and Dizo GoPods D TWS earbuds beginning July 14 on Flipkart.

Talking about the partnership with Realme, a Dizo spokesperson said in an exclusive conversation with, “Dizo, as the first brand in the Realme TechLife ecosystem, brings great ideas, exciting plans, trendy and top-quality products. We will have Realme’s support in 3 key aspects – Industrial Design, Supply Chain and AIoT experience that works perfectly with Realme Link App.”

What is Dizo, where it stands?

Dizo is not started by Realme. It is an independent brand that has its own management, marketing, and operations team, which is not connected with Realme. “We have our own manifesto, own market strategy, and is centered around its own mission and vision,” the spokesperson said.

Spokesperson added, “Realme identified Dizo as an aspiring brand with high potential to become a part of the Realme TechLife ecosystem. We fulfilled their principles of selecting partners and today, we are already a global technology brand and the first brand under Realme TechLife ecosystem.”

Strong supply chain, after sales service

Dizo spokesperson claims that, the company already a strong and effective network of supply chain and after sales support in India, which hints that it can meet the demand.

“Dizo has efficiently integrated the global supply chain with its local operational resources and for the highest order of service, even before our first product launch, we have established a presence of over 320 service centers in more than 310 cities across India,” the spokesperson said.

Upcoming Dizo product categories

The aim with Dizo is to “cater to the multifaceted needs of consumers in India and across the globe with four major product categories – Smart Entertainment, Smart Home, Smart Care, and Accessories.”

By launching Dizo products under the Realme brand name, the company “aims to build a TechLife ecosystem and provide a variety of advanced, innovative, and unique products to its consumers,” Realme spokesperson said.

Realme plans to bring more AIOT products in the days to come and add other tech lifestyle sub brands like Dizo. The spokesperson said, “Realme will stay focussed on expanding its TechLife ecosystem by having its own set of Realme AIoT products, and possibly, adding more brands like Dizo in the TechLife ecosystem.”

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