RED Digital Cinema, the company behind the popular cinema camera has just made a major announcement. As per the announcement, the company is shutting down its RED Hydrogen phone project. The company founder Jim Jannard made this announcement while revealing that he is retiring from the company. Jannard revealed that he is moving out because of “a few health issues”. The project shut down a year after it launched its RED Hydrogen One. RED initially announced the RED Hydrogen project in 2017 out of nowhere.

RED Hydrogen Phone project details

As per a report from The Verge, the RED Hydrogen Phone project was supposed to be so much more than a smartphone. In fact, the phone was supposed to be just one part of the entire equation. Initial promises claimed a number of accessories or modules in the future. Users could buy these modules with the smartphone to transform it into a proper camera. The first device also featured a number of interesting technologies such as a “holographic” display, a content network for 3D content shot.

After a number of delays, the smartphone launched in October 2018 but the promised modules never surfaced. In fact, the device that reached the customers was not what RED initially promised. In addition to this, Jannard also hinted at “big changes” to the program back in March 2019. As part of the changes, the company would focus on a camera-centric RED Hydrogen smartphone instead of the modules. In fact, the company claimed that the second smartphone will feature a camera designed by RED.

Another problem that we noticed with the smartphone was the $1,295 price tag at launch. In fact, the company recently slashed the price down to $645 bead of the cancellation. Jannard also blamed its Chinese ODM partner for the failure of RED Hydrogen One in previous reports. At the same time, he also teased the second device indicating that it has been “designed ‘virtually from scratch’”.

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