A new poster teasing the launch of a new Redmi-branded smartphone has surfaced on the internet. According to the poster, the device with name Redmi X is all set to launch on February 15. The text on the poster also indicates that the device will come with an in-display fingerprint scanner. The company has not revealed any more information about the device when it comes to the specifications, pricing or details about the sale.

The poster was initially spotted by PlayfulDroid and according to the report, the Redmi X is likely to be aimed at the budget and mid-range market. Considering that the company is already working on the Redmi 7 and the Redmi 7 Pro, it is likely that the Redmi X will come with better specs than the Redmi 7 lineup. According to the report, it is likely that the device will come with a water-drop style display notch and Snapdragon 710. The report also indicates that the company may launch multiple devices along with the Redmi X including the Redmi 7, 7 Pro and even the Xiaomi Mi 9.

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The reason we can expect multiple launches is because of another teaser that indicated that the company is likely launching the Xiaomi Mi 9 in February and it won’t make sense to hold separate launch events. One thing to note here is that the poster does not seem to be sourced from official Xiaomi or Redmi channels which likely means that poster may not be the real deal.

If the device actually comes with an in-display fingerprint scanner in the budget segment as hinted by the poster then it will mark a significant leap for the company. The reason we are terming it as a leap because no other rival smartphone company is offering such technology in this price segment.

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