With Realme announcing plans to bring its Realme Book laptop, it was obvious for Redmi to react. Towards the end of the Redmi Note 10T 5G launch event, Xiaomi quietly teased the RedmiBook name for India. No teaser images or specs accompanied, just the name was displayed. It doesn’t take much to figure out Redmi’s plans to jump into the affordable laptop category, especially to counter Realme.

Neither Mi nor the Redmi channels have followed up on that teaser yet, which suggests the launch is some time away. The RedmiBook series has been a long-running series of affordable Windows laptops in China and Xiaomi finally plans to bring it here. The company launched the Mi Notebook series last year with four different models (and late 2020 upgrades).

RedmiBook laptops teased for India

As of now, all the Mi Notebook models that Xiaomi sells in India belong to the RedmiBook lineup in China. In fact, rumours suggest that there are two new Mi Notebook models planned for India later this year. Expected to be called the Mi Notebook Pro 14 and Mi Notebook Ultra 15, these two models are expected to be based on their Redmi counterparts.

xiaomi RedmiBook 16

Representational Image: RedmiBook 16

It seems that Xiaomi plans to apply the premium tag of the Mi brand for laptops too, which is why it needs the Redmi brand to cater to the affordable segment. Xiaomi already sells the RedmiBook laptops with AMD Ryzen chips in China and it may be looking to launch them at affordable prices in India.

Currently, the cheapest laptop that Xiaomi sells in India is the Mi Notebook 14 e-Learning edition, costing Rs 38,999. This model comes with an Intel 10th Gen Intel Core i3 processor paired with 8GB RAM, 256GB M.2 SSD storage, a Full HD 14-inch display, and delivers up to 10 hours of battery life. We reviewed this laptop last year and found it to be more than capable of doing just basic tasks.

On the other hand, the affordable notebook segment is seeing a massive influx of Chromebook laptops from Asus and HP. Asus launched four new Chromebook models start at Rs 17,999, relying on Intel Celeron processors and varying feature set in different form factors. The HP Chromebook 11a at Rs 21,999 relies on MediaTek chipset and a smaller 11-inch display.

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