The competition between Reliance Jio, Airtel and Vodafone seems to be getting intense. A fresh report from Ookla today revealed that in Q3-Q4 2018, Airtel offered the fastest 4G speeds in India with an average of 11.23 Mbps, while Vodafone secured the second spot in offering the fastest 4G service with average speeds ranging at 9.13 Mbps. The third spot was bagged by Reliance Jio with an average speed of 7.11 Mbps.

Now, another report of the global speed test firm has revealed that Reliance Jio ranked first in terms of 4G availability in India. The telecom giant topped the 4G availability with 98.8 percent across the country. Airtel ranked second with 90.0 percent and Vodafone secured the third position with 84.6 percent. Idea ranked fourth with 82.8 percent across 15 largest cities of India.

The cited source’s analysis suggested that “4G Availability does not automatically equate to fastest service.” “To compare which of India’s largest mobile operators is fastest, Ookla used their proprietary Speed Score methodology, a combined measure of download and upload speed that incorporates several tiers of performance,” the company said. The cited source revealed that during Q3-Q4 2018, the firm analyzed general availability and 4G availability leveraging coverage data from 250,138,853 samples on 595,034 enabled devices.

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Referencing the report, Doug Suttles, co-founder and general manager at Ookla said, “Ultimately, the expansion of 4G availability in India is a win for all mobile customers regardless of their operator. We are excited to see the growth in the Indian mobile market and are eager to see how coverage continues to expand in the coming year.”

Randeep Sekhon, CTO, Bharti Airtel said “We are delighted to be once again rated as the fastest mobile network even as our network availability crosses 99 percent. It is a reaffirmation of our large investment focused focus on building the best-in-class mobile network which is preferred by quality customers. As part of Project Leap, our endeavor to introduce latest technologies like Massive MIMO, 4G Advanced and LAA ahead of the curve has enabled us to deliver a truly differentiated network experience to our customers, and this has been confirmed time and again by various globally renowned speed test platforms.”

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