A new report has surfaced with some interesting information regarding one of the most affordable 4G smartphones in the market. It looks like Jio is currently working with the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to bring UPI to Jio Phone. As part of the work, it is likely that Jio will roll out UPI apps to the 4G-enabled feature phone. Reliance Jio is currently working on the NPCI infrastructure to bring UPI apps such as Google Pay, PhonePe, and more. NPCI and Jio have not revealed any plan to bring UPI to Jio Phone in any official capacity. Regardless, let’s check out the details regarding this future Jio Phone feature here.

Jio working to bring UPI apps to Jio Phone; details

As per The Economic Times, two sources familiar with the matter revealed details about UPI on Jio Phone. Jio currently serves about 388 million JioPhone subscribers. This move can bring millions of new users to the UPI framework with the help of multiple UPI apps. It will also help NPCI increase the adoption of the platform as April saw the first decrease due to lockdown. As per the report, the UPI platform currently has about 100 million users. This number is set to go up with the upcoming launch of WhatsApp Pay.

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The report notes that Jio is currently working on the NPCI library to build a new payment screen. NPCI library is responsible for bringing the payments screen where users enter their UPI PIN after starting a transaction. Reliance Jio has to build this again because of the Kai OS operating system on Jio Phone.

Reliance Jio and NPCI have not issued a statement as per the information on the report. It is likely that the company may launch these UPI apps on its JioStore for both generations of the device. The company has done this in the past with YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Google Assistant. However, we are not sure about a possible timeline for the launch of UPI apps.

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