Internet service provider Hathway Broadband has just launched a new broadband plan. This new plan comes just days after Reliance Jio hinted at its upcoming JioFiber plans. As reported previously, Reliance Jio hinted at some of the specifics of the plans that will launch on September 5, 2019. Hathway Broadband has likely taken the specifics in account to craft a plan that is likely to go toe-to-toe with JioFiber. During the AGM, Reliance did mention that it has a considerable stake in Hathway Broadband. However, Hathway Broadband is still a separate business than Reliance Jio.

Hathway 100Mbps Broadband plan details

According to a report by TelecomTalk, Hathway Broadband has priced the new plan at Rs 699 per month. This is in line with the anticipated Rs 700 base plan that Reliance Jio will offer in its JioFiber service. Digging further into the details of this new plan, the company has named the plan as Hathway 100Mbps Broadband plan. As evident in the name, the company will offer up to 100Mbps bandwidth to subscribers. The report also noted that Hathway has also tweaked its 150Mbps broadband plan to price it at Rs 1,499 per month.

The company revealed that the Hathway 100Mbps Broadband plan is currently only available in select cities. Hathway Broadband is likely to evaluate the success of the plan and gradually roll it out to other cities. Talking about the plan, the Internet Service Provider is offering 1TB data as part of the Fair Usage Policy (FUP). Beyond this, users can access data at a capped speed pf 3Mbps.

Beyond this plan, the ISP is also running a number of attractive offers including the Rs 399 one with 50Mbps bandwidth. The report also revealed that the company has slashed the prices of some of its high-speed broadband plans. These high-speed plans offer 100Mbps, 150Mbps, and 200Mbps. The one catch here is that users have to subscribe to the plan for a period of three months. These plans also come with Hathway Playbox service. The last thing to note here is that the pricing mentioned above does not include taxes or installation charges.

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