The newest addition to the Resident Evil franchise is the remake of the third game which released a little over 20 years ago. Resident Evil 3 remake is made in a new vein that the maker of the Resident Evil series Capcom is trying to tap. This comes after Resident Evil 2 was remade last year with great success. This encouraged the developers who decided to venture another time. Though it isn’t the best time to immerse oneself in a game that showcases the aftermath of a pandemic, we have played the game and here’s our review of the Resident Evil 3 remake.

Graphics, Music and Cinematics

The reborn Resident Evil 3 as a game is a treat for the eyes. Capcom has effectively used the RE Engine to render the game with its locals, environment and the textures to perfection. Even the character models of Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira with his new scruffy look is excellent. The zombies are gruesomely created which is not much different from the Resident Evil 2 reboot last year. Nemesis makes a comeback as the baddie-in-chief of the game and though much like Mr X, is a more ferocious and versatile killer. He has been rendered to look as terrifying as possible, and he is just as terrifying to fight as he is to look at.

Resident Evil 3

The cinematics in the game are plentiful and pushes the story forward, maintaining the quick pace of the gameplay. Unlike some of the games which actually show the weapons that the player has on them, the cinematics change things up as and when it needs. You may not even have the pistol on you and yet Jill might just start shooting the Nemesis with it in the next cinematic. The music in the game like the one from last year does what it can to create a tense environment. And zombies jumping at you from corners with sudden music will startle even the most steady player.

Story and Content

The plot of the Resident Evil 3 game takes mostly after that of the original one that came out in 1999. The pace of the game is much more exciting and faster than that of the last year. That being said, the game ends rather quickly, and it seems there just isn’t enough complexity or length in the storyline. It is pretty much a straightforward linear gameplay without too many diversions. Granted that the game from last year also wasn’t too long, but it was definitely longer than this. I finished the game in six hours straight.

The game has a lot of throwbacks and Easter Eggs and references to other Capcom games. This might excite some of those old time Capcom game fans. The game essentially is a chase where Jill is in constant fear of the Nemesis breaking though the wall next to her. Unlike the previous game, the nemesis chases are only parts of the game and he wouldn’t just turn up anywhere. The content may be limited but it is fun nonetheless. You do take over as Carlos for a short while, but those scenes are few and in a restricted environment.

Controls and Gameplay

The controls of Resident Evil 3 is pretty similar to the previous game with little changes. Jill can dodge zombies and other enemies here which makes things a little easier. The gameplay bit is rather straightforward once again and a newcomer won’t have any problems picking up the controls in a jiffy.

One of the things that people need to keep in mind is that you can just aim and start shooting and expect to be accurate. The crosshair here takes a while to narrow down to a point for accuracy. But this time can be decreased as you gather better equipment for your weapons. These can be found in the world and even dropped by the Nemesis like in the original game when you stun him.


To wrap things up and summarize, the Resident Evil 3 remake is an exciting little game which will entertain you for a short while. The Nemesis is a formidable foe that will hunt you relentlessly during its sequences, other times, not so much. There are more enemies in the game besides the Zombies and the Nemesis which will keep you on your toes.

It seems like a good game to play after the Resident Evil 2 game from last year offering similar vibes. Those that have played the original one that came out in the 90s should definitely try this one, even if to see how things are different.

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