Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives as we look for the perfect device for our needs. Most of us select our devices based on a mix of different factors. These factors include brand perception, pricing, specifications, and likely brand loyalty. Talking about brand perception, and loyalty, the primary thing that governs these factors is the reliability of your last smartphone. The more reliable a device, the more positive the perception and stronger brand loyalty. Reliability of a smartphone along with an optimal price and specifications corresponds to higher customer satisfaction.

Smartphones to look out for based on reliability

A new insider survey from CMR has surfaced online revealing some interesting facts. According to the report, we now know the most reliable smartphone brands in the market. Before we get into the results, let’s talk about the methodology of how CMR reached the results. As per the information, CMR surveyed about 4,000 smartphone users across the top eight cities in the country. These surveys also focused on how a user purchased a smartphone, priority of specifications, post-sales support, repairs, and replacements.

Head of Industry Intelligence Group, Prabhu Ram also issued a statement talking about the survey. Ram stated, “What the CMR MICI Survey insights provide us is a compelling scenario of what a smartphone brand needs to do to succeed in India. In order to win consumer mindset, smartphone brands need to invest in getting not just product design and product quality right, but they must ensure overall brand experience, and service quality right.”

Talking about how a customer purchases a smartphone, the performance of the device is the top priority for the buyer. Beyond this, users look at build and durability, the camera quality, battery life, and the RAM in decreasing order. The next section of the report also talks about customer satisfaction. According to the report, 99 percent of Vivo users are happy with the looks and design of their smartphone. 99 percent of Oppo users were also satisfied with the camera performance on their smartphone devices. Beyond this, 90 percent of Realme users are happy with the reliability of their device followed by Samsung. Lastly, 94 percent of Xiaomi users were impressed with the battery backup on their devices.

After-sales and return rate

Talking about after-sales, 84 percent of Samsung users are happy with the experience. Vivo closely follows Samsung on the second spot with 82 percent satisfied users. The South Korean giant again topped the results in problem resolution, and the ease to find service centers. The last section of the report includes the return rates associated with the smartphone brands in India. According to the report, Realme and Samsung smartphones come with the lowest return rate.

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