Samsung Bixby Vision gets quick reader, color detector and more

Samsung is offering a slew of features through its Bixby Vision platform for the visually impaired. These are accessible through Samsung phone camera, by activating Bixby. The features like quick reader, colour and scene detector have been developed to help users who are visually impaired.

“The new accessibility features, namely Quick Reader, Scene Describer, and Color Detector, build on this capability to help users with visual impairments navigate the world and enjoy more enriching experiences, Samsung said.  It’s likely that Samsung has introduced these as part of this week’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

Using quick reader, users can use the phone to read out any text written in front of them in real time. So, if they want to read a message or letter, the phone will help them do that. The company says it can recognise, “over 1,000 common objects and items, like food and vegetables in the kitchen.”

The next one is the screen describer, which as the name suggests, describes what’s in front of them. It can help them understand about details in a photo. “Also identify potential obstacles when they are navigating their surroundings.”

And finally, you have the colour detector. It is hard for visually impaired to recognise colours by touching an item. This is where the colour detector helps them scan the object via the camera and tell the colour of that shirt or a shoe. These are some of the features available only to the Samsung phone users via Bixby Vision.

Google joins the gang

Google also launched Action Blocks application and new features to its Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier applications. These are specifically designed for people who have any type of disability.

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The Live Transcribe app now offers real-time transcripts of conversations, aimed at people with hearing problems.

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