Smartphone companies have long compared their flagship smartphones to standalone DSLR cameras to prove how good their devices are. In addition to comparing photos taken on the smartphone with the photos shot using DSLR cameras, smartphone makers are also emulating features from the high-end cameras such as high-quality background blur and selective focus. However, sometimes, some companies go beyond that by using images that have been shot on high-end cameras as part of the promo material of their smartphones. This practice is not new, and a number of smartphone companies have been caught doing the same over the last couple of years.

According to a report by GSMArena, the latest company to be caught doing this is Samsung. The report noted that the company used a photo that was shot on a DSLR as part of the landing page for its latest smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy A8 Star. Though it is not wrong to put images shot on a DSLR as the background of the landing page. But, it does indirectly imply that the image has been shot on the smartphone. In addition to using the image as the background of the page, the company also used the image to describe the manual bokeh adjustment feature on the Galaxy A8 Star.

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The report noted that the image was shot by Dunja Djudjic, and the company purchased the image from Getty through EyeEm. It is worth noting that this is not the first time when the company has been caught indirectly misleading its customers. As pointed in the report, the company did the same while marketing the Galaxy A8 earlier this year through two tweets from the official account of Samsung Brazil.

Djudjic, the photographer of the image who captured herself “burst out into laughter” on seeing how Samsung used her image. The reason for this was the amount of photoshop tweaking the company did on her face. Referring to other such cases of misleading advertising, this is nothing new and most companies justify this by stating that the images on the website and other promotional material only serve for reference.

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