Samsung claims global chip shortage to continue until H2 2022

The global chip storage has affected almost every industry across the world. Samsung, which has its own chip manufacturing facilities, has also been impacted by it. Now, the company has predicted that the ongoing situation is likely to continue in 2022 as well. Samsung Mobile president TM Roh in a meeting with the company’s top executives and executives from over 30 major smartphone component suppliers earlier this week said that the global chip shortage is likely to continue until the second quarter of 2022.

Korean website The Elec reports that Samsung also believes that the foundry companies will continue to maintain their upper hand on fabless companies, the ones that design and market chips but not manufacture the underlying infrastructure. This in turn is expected to give them more leverage over their customers, that is, companies like Samsung.

Samsung is taking multiple steps to address this issue. Firstly, Samsung Mobiles is pushing for annual contracts with chip foundry companies to secure the chip production facility. This will help the company to minimise the impact of these trends going forward. In addition to that, Samsung’s Mobile division will also stock up to four weeks worth of chip supply, instead of the current two weeks. This move is likely to reduce the impact of such market fluctuations even further.

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The ongoing global chip shortage is also likely to impact Samsung’s own smartphone schedule. The company is expected to launch the Samsung Galaxy S21 Fan Edition smartphone sometime in January, while the Galaxy S22 series is expected to be launched in February. This is in line with the reports, which suggest that Samsung will launch the Galaxy S21 FE smartphone at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022, which will be held between January 5, 2022, and January 8, 2022, in Las Vegas. The Samsung Galaxy S22 series, on the other hand, is expected to launch sometime in early February.

Separately, Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon believes that the global chip shortage is easing gradually and that the situation is likely to improve significantly in 2022. He also said that the global chip supply improved in 2021 compared to 2020. This trend is likely to continue next year as well.

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