South Korean smartphone maker is finally ready to bring Android 10 beta to Galaxy S10 series internationally. The beta version of One UI based on Android 10 has been live in South Korea for few days now and international users are set to get the update soon. With the release, Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10 5G users will be able to test out the new gesture navigation, focus mode and One UI improvements before official release.

Samsung Galaxy S10 series to get Android 10 beta soon

The One UI was already a big improvement over TouchWiz UI and the new UI will bring minor improvements. Some of the new design features include improved notification management including minimized pop-up and simplified button arrangement. The new design is being introduced with gamers in mind who don’t want to be disturbed in the middle of their gaming session. The volume control HUD is also being redesigned and will be slimmer than current version of One UI.

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Samsung is also tweaking the dark mode and it now supports dimming wallpaper brightness. Users will also be able to adjust text, colors, notifications and the clock on the lock screen. Samsung notes that these changes have been introduced with readability in mind. There is also a new focus mode that will allow users to pause certain apps during a set time period for fewer distractions. The update also includes a redesigned Digital Wellbeing tab and users will be able to track and control their usage.

If you have any of the four Galaxy S10 models and want to test out the new Android 10 build then you need to register through the Samsung Members apps. The Korean company notes that this is an early beta build and consumers should refrain from installing it on their primary device. To recall, Google released Android 10 on September 3 and Samsung seems to be delivering the update faster than usual.

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