Samsung has just posted a new video online related to the Samsung Galaxy Fold, its first foldable smartphone. The video seems to be part of the industry durability testing for the foldable smartphone that the company likely uses to see how durable the final product is. The video comes days after Samsung revealed that the device will be available starting April 26. It showcases a number of Galaxy Fold devices being continuously folded and unfolded by automated machines to see how durable they are and how long the display actually lasts without any damage.

The video is likely to act as a reassuring proof from the smartphone maker as a portion of the internet raised their concerns about the longevity and durability of the smartphone after the company revealed it at the Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup launch event. According to a report by SamMobile, the company claims that the display of the device should hold up good for about 200,000 folds which means about 100 folds per day for about five years. This is a healthy duration because most smartphone owners don’t keep their smartphones for that long.

Watch: Samsung Galaxy Fold First Look

The report noted that it takes about a week for the mechanical automated machine to make about 200,000 folds on the devices to test the durability of the devices. This number means that the device will be more durable than the 100,000 folds that Huawei states for the Huawei Mate X foldable smartphone. Taking a look at the video, it looks like the company is ready to reveal more information about the device as the launch date nears.

This report comes about a week after the Galaxy Fold was spotted in a video by Samsung. In that video, we noted that a visible display crease was visible in the middle of the screen. It is unclear if that will be visible permanently or if it will gradually appear after regular use. However, according to recent information online, an anonymous user who received his Samsung Galaxy Fold early stated that it is noticeable but “not too bad”.

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