Samsung has reportedly fixed all the issues with Galaxy Fold, its foldable smartphone, that forced the company to delay its launch in the global market. The Korean tech giant is reportedly bring changes to the design that address key issues that came to light after the Galaxy Fold was given to reviewers. At least, four reviewers found issues with their Galaxy Fold’s display. A report from Korea claims that Samsung is addressing two key issues – the hinge design which allowed things such as dirt, lint, dust or any other micro-particles to get inside it and cause the display to malfunction. Second, Samsung is fixing the issue where a number of users removed a protective film on top of the display, which caused the display to stop working.

Both the issues were found to be key reason behind the Galaxy Fold’s failure and a teardown from iFixit, which was pulled down upon indirect request from Samsung, corroborated those findings. According to Korea’s Yonhap News Agency, Samsung is addressing the issue where early users removed the protective layer, which looked identical to a screen protector, by tucking the ends of it inside the body of the device. This means that even if somebody tried to peel off that protective film, it would end up being difficult. Hopefully, Samsung also adds a message at the boot sequence of the box or on the box to make buyers understand that they are not supposed to take off that protective layer.

The news report highlights that Samsung is also reducing the gap between the top and bottom parts of the hinge to ensure micro-particles do not enter this area. The issue seems to be similar to that faced by users of Butterfly Keyboard on Apple’s new MacBook Pro models. Apple fixed that by adding additional silicone barrier, which stopped foreign substance from getting lodged between the keycap and the butterfly mechanism. Samsung’s solution, which only reduces the gap between top and bottom parts of the hinge, won’t completely eliminate the issue.

The possibility of dust or lint from your denim getting stuck between the hinge mechanism still remains but it seems the change will ensure that the display does not stop working. Samsung Galaxy Fold was announced as the first foldable smartphone alongside the launch of Galaxy S10 series in February. The smartphone was shown to media last month and Samsung wanted to get early mover’s advantage with a plan to start selling the device from end of April. However, the company was forced to cancel its plans after review units started malfunctioning and some users found removing the protective layer rendered the device unusable.

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The Galaxy Fold, which is priced at $1,980 (around Rs 1,37,500), will hit retail shelves before Huawei Mate X. Both the devices differ in terms of their folding mechanism. The Galaxy Fold, even after all the proposed fix, should be seen as a beta version of an ideal foldable smartphone. It should not be bought for use as a primary device but rather as a collectors edition. Samsung is currently testing the improved version with Korean carriers and is expected to announce a release date soon. It could go on sale starting June in Korea and become available elsewhere following its successful test in Samsung’s home market.

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