Just days before the launch of the first mainstream foldable smartphone in the market, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, someone has posted photos of a disassembled unit online. These images showcase the complex internals of the Galaxy Fold along with what all Samsung had to do to achieve such a design. However, these images come at an odd time where recent reports have suggested various devices breaking down and malfunctioning. As previously reported, a number of reviewers in the United States have reported that their Samsung Galaxy Fold review units started malfunctioning just a day after regular use.

Taking a closer look at the disassembly images showcasing how the actual device parts work, we can see five different parts that make the central spine or hinge of the device. This part is responsible for successfully unfolding the device, keeping it flat on a surface and then properly folding back the device. A report by GSMArena noted that this portion of the device was “redesigned” multiple times during the entire development process of the device. The images were initially spotted on Chinese social media website Weibo.

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Touching on the topic of recent reports about damaged screens of several Galaxy Folds, the report noted that the hinge “relies on very precise alignment” of all the five components. In fact, even a slight misalignment can damage the screen of the device. Another thing to note here is that this precision makes it difficult to assemble the device.

The person who disassembled the device also noted that it was quite easy to remove the screen of the device. He stated that the material was soft while comparing it to rubber. The report also noted that the external screen, the small one that is situated outside is problematic as it shattered during the disassembly process.

Image credit: Weibo

Moving beyond the screen, both halves of the devices are connected with each other with a pair of ribbon cables. The report also noted that both sides of the device come with batteries in different shapes. Samsung has not stated the price of the screen replacement of the about that device that is priced around $2,000.

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