In August 2018, Samsung announced its own Galaxy Home smart speaker. However, after its numerous delays in the past, everything indicates that the Galaxy Home Speaker will never make its debut in the market.

Samsung has removed the Galaxy Home speaker page from its website. The only thing left of the Galaxy Home’s existence is an outdated page that simply explains what the device could do. In fact, if you search for “Galaxy Home” on the Samsung website, you don’t get any results related to the speaker.

The smart speaker market is already occupied by big players such as Amazon with its Echo speakers, Google with its Nest Speakers, and Apple, with its HomePod Speaker. This means that Samsung would have to launch a very advanced speaker to make room for itself in this niche.

Bixby vs the competition

The most important thing about a smart speaker is, of course, the assistant. Since Amazon, Google, and Apple have been improving over time with their Smart Assistant functions. However, it’s not clear if Samsung’s Bixby Assistant is up to its competitors in terms of capabilities. Bixby only recognizes a few languages ​​and lacks compatibility with other applications. An area where both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa excel.

For its part, Samsung has built a robust catalog of gadgets that support its SmartThings smart home platform. But, its compatibility with third-party products is much less. In summary, the Galaxy Home would have needed to be more than just a smart speaker to succeed. There are many elements at stake, including its aesthetic appeal, sound quality, and the ability of its assistant.

It is possible that Samsung has realized that it does not have much to offer in this market. And, therefore, has decided to focus its efforts on other products. Be that as it may, hopefully, the company will surprise us with an unexpected launch, although it’s unlikely.

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