South Korean smartphone maker and electronics giant Samsung launched its latest flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note 10 Series last week. The company shared the details about the flagship smartphone series at the launch event in New York. We have already covered the launch of the smartphone in details in previous posts. As part of the announcement, Samsung shared information about its game streaming app, PlayGalaxy Link on Note 10 series. Though the company did not reveal everything about the game streaming app. However, just about a week after the launch, a report has revealed some new information about the app.

Samsung PlayGalaxy Link app details

According to a report by TechCrunch, Samsung is planning to launch the game-streaming app in the coming days. The report revealed that interested Samsung Galaxy Note 10 series users can download the apps later this month. Interested users need to install the app both on their Windows-powered laptop or desktop and their Galaxy Note 10. The streaming service will be free of cost and use “low-latency streaming technology” from Parsec. It is a New York-based start-up that specializes in cloud gaming.

The report noted that Parsec already has an Android app as early access in the Google Play Store. This app is not limited to Samsung-branded smartphones. It likely means that Samsung PlayGalaxy Link is likely to be yet another re-brand from Samsung. We saw the first re-branding effort in the new “Link to Windows” feature. “Link to Windows” feature is the same app as “Your Phone Companion” app that is already present in Play Store.

Taking a closer look at Parsec, even though it works similar to Steam Link app, it still offers some improvements. Parsec does not require users to be in the same Wi-Fi network as their Windows-based gaming laptop or desktop. In fact, Parsec can also stream games if the smartphone is on mobile data.

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