When it comes to flagship smartphones, Samsung had been launching two models of the Galaxy S-series up until this year when the company decided to launch four models. These included a compact model, a regular and plus variant, and a 5G model. As we previously reported, it seems like Samsung wants to replicate the success of the Galaxy S10 launch for its next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note 10. A report on ETNews suggests that Samsung will launch a smaller Galaxy Note 10 model with 6.28-inch display and triple rear cameras, and a slightly larger model with a 6.75-inch display and quad cameras at the back. Both of these models will reportedly feature LTE connectivity. The company would also launch two models of the Galaxy Note 10 with the same screen size and camera combination at the back, but the differentiating factor here would be 5G, instead of LTE connectivity.

And now, latest reports have leaked the model numbers of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10 which go by SM-N971 and SM-N976. This suggests two different sizes and the 5G variant theory which means that there is substance in the precious reports. The report does not mention anything about the internal specifications or the battery capacity though. But given the fact the 5G will require more power, we wouldn’t be surprised to see these two models sporting bigger battery capacity.

Just like every other year, the Galaxy Note-smartphone will be unveiled in August and will go on sale later in the month, according to the reports. The smartphone will be powered by Exynos 9820 SoC paired with up to 12GB RAM and 1TB storage. The smartphone is also expected to come with dual front cameras, and the fourth camera on the Galaxy Note 10 will likely be the ToF depth sensor for portrait mode photos.

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The Huawei P30 Pro has raised the bar for photography, and we would love to see Samsung add periscope style zooming capabilities. But will that actually happen with the Galaxy Note 10, or we will have to wait for Galaxy S11, or we won’t see that at all, remains to be seen.

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