Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G variant just passed a series of durability and torture test conducted by JerryRigEverything. For the past couple of years, Zack has taken just launched flagship smartphones and put them under his rigorous durability tests. Similar to previous durability tests, this time Zack put the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G variant under his series of tests. During the testing, he notes that there is no need to purchase this unless you are in a 5G city. Even if you are in a 5G city, you need to ensure that you have a 5G node outside your window.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G torture tests

Jack states that it is likely that the 5G variant will complete its life-span before 5G becomes mainstream. During testing, he notes that the S Pen comes with interchangeable tips and comes with internal accelerometer and gyroscope. He goes on to break the S Pen to showcase the internals pointing that it also features Bluetooth connectivity. The internal copper coil generates an electromagnetic field making it easier for the screen to sense what the user is drawing. He also showcases the capacitor on the top of the S Pen which stores 10 hours of battery. The impressive thing is that it just about six minutes to charge.

During the testing, we get to know that the Note 10 Plus 5G comes with a free pre-installed screen protector. In addition, both the front and back sides are protected using Gorilla Glass 6. The display of the device scratches at level six which is similar to what we saw with Galaxy Note 8 two years back. The sides of the device are made out of Aluminum like the rest of its flagship devices. S-Pen will not get permanently stuck in its slot if users accidentally try to put in the stylus in backward.

He also went out to stated that though the Note 10 Plus supports 45W charging, the included charger only allows 25W. Jack went ahead to compare this with the 15W Fast charging that Apple iPhone XS supports. However, Apple only includes a 5W charger inside the box. During the testing, the under-display ultrasonic fingerprint scanner also works with heavy damage to the screen. The display survived 20 seconds of constant flame with no permanent damage. The device showcased no flexing either from the back or the front coming on top in the bent test.

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