Samsung has reportedly some major revamping planned for two flagship lineups, the Galaxy S series and the Galaxy Note series. A new report straight from home country South Korea via The Elec Korea has suggested that the upcoming S-series smartphones, successors to the Galaxy S20 series will in fact feature support for the S-pen. The infamous S-pen is something usually found with Note series phones.

Meanwhile, the same reports suggest that the Samsung Galaxy Note lineup will be merged with the Galaxy Z Fold product line. For 2021, the brand reportedly has three devices planned. This will be the ‘M1’, ‘N2’, and the ‘O3’. Of these, the O3 device is expected to feature support for the S-pen.

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As per a report by GSMarena, Samsung has not confirmed the Galaxy Note 21 lineup for the upcoming year. While that in itself is not a lot to assume that the Note lineup has been buried, we also have other speculation on the topic.

Samsung has been mass-producing UTG (Ultra-Thin Glass). The brand reportedly is able to produce 6,00,000 folding displays each month. However, the company aims at producing 1 million displays each month by the end of 2020. While Samsung will not sell more folding devices than its Note-series devices, they have a higher profit margin, that might offset the low number of sold units. Moreover, this new strategy could also result in more sales for the Galaxy S series, specifically the upcoming Galaxy S21.

With Samsung launching three S series devices and two Note devices this year, apart from the folding phones, the brand already has three parallel flagship lineups going on. So, toning down the variety might actually prove to be a good decision for Samsung. However, whether long-term Galaxy Note users will like the dropping of the lineup, and whether they will be willing to pay the extra bucks for a folding device remains to be seen.

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