Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, the 5G variant of Galaxy S10 series, has managed to match Huawei P30 Pro as the top ranking smartphone for camera on DxOMark ratings. The 5G variant has scored a total of 112 to tie with Huawei P30 Pro and is three points higher than that scored by Galaxy S10+. The Galaxy S10 5G features a total of six cameras as opposed to five seen on the Galaxy S10+. The addition of the depth sensor in the form of 3D TOF sensor has helped Samsung match Huawei P30 Pro in the camera performance.

In terms of imaging, the Galaxy S10 5G features a quad rear camera setup comprising of a 12-megapixel main wide angle shooter paired with a 12-megapixel telephoto camera, a 16-megapixel ultra wide angle camera and a 3D TOF camera. At the front, the Galaxy S10 5G features dual camera setup with 10-megapixel main camera with f/1.9 aperture, dual-pixel autofocus and a 3D TOF camera for depth sensing. It features 8GB of RAM and option for 256GB or 512GB internal storage.

In DxOMark test, the Galaxy S10 5G has achieved photo sub-score of 117, which makes it lag behind Huawei P30 Pro by 2 points. However, the Samsung flagship makes up for that a video sub-score of 100 and selfie rating of 97, which is the highest for any smartphone. The reason for its video score is the default video recording mode set to 4K, which helps improve texture, noise and artifact rendering. “Video from the S10 5G features the same excellent target exposure and color as on the S10+, and it makes an excellent trade-off between detail preservation and noise reduction, even when shooting hand-held in low light,” DxOMark notes in its review.

On the Galaxy S10 5G, Samsung has shifted the primary lens for bokeh mode from the wide-angle lens to telephoto lens, which helps in bump in photo score. “Other than the improved scores thanks to the higher-resolution default for video and the lens change for bokeh, the test results and sub-scores for the 5G version are very similar to those of the S10+.”

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The Galaxy S10 5G gets a 3 point bump in its score over the Galaxy S10+ mainly because of the switch to 4K default for video recording and use of telephoto camera for taking bokeh shots in portrait mode. The addition of TOF sensor in the 5G version has not affected the score but its video performance that has helped the smartphone. The key highlights being accurate white balance, target exposure and reliable autofocus. It also produces excellent detail and accurate white balance in video.

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