Samsung is long known for creating well-rounded smartphones under its Galaxy series. This includes its flagship Galaxy S and Galaxy Note devices, the mid-premium Galaxy A lineup, and budget range device lineup including the Galaxy J and On series. Though, even with well-rounded devices, the company has not matched what its competition is offering in key aspects like fast charging. The company has scaled its charging technology with time, but it is nowhere near the likes of OnePlus and Huawei.

The latest flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone for instance only supports charging at 9V on 1.67Amp giving about 15 watts as the top charging speed. But, it looks like the company is planning to bring higher charging speeds to its flagship devices in the near future. According to SamMobile, the company is looking at bringing the technology to its entire Galaxy smartphone lineup instead of just limiting it for its premium Galaxy S, and Galaxy Note devices.

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This new information was provided by Twitter leaker Ice Universe who noted in a tweet that “Samsung smartphone 15W charging will become history”. This indicates that the company is working on a new technology that is likely to provide faster-charging speeds. We are not sure if the company will stick to the Quick Charge specifications or will go its separate way like what Chinese smartphone makers including Huawei, Oppo, and OnePlus provide.

Introduction of a faster charging technology is a good move, especially for Samsung Galaxy Note device users as they will not have to wait that long to charge the massive batteries. Though, the report noted that it will be better if the company went its custom route as the current Quick Charge 4.0+ offers a charging speed of up to 27 Watts. In comparison, the custom fast charging solution by Huawei offers a charging speed of up to 40 Watts.

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