Samsung launched its latest Galaxy S10 lineup about a week back at an event in San Francisco. After the event, everyone focused on the new features and technologies that came with the new devices. In addition to these, everyone also took note of a new addition to an existing feature, the Bixby button. As previously reported, Samsung has now introduced the ability for users to remap the existing Bixby button on the Galaxy S10 devices. The company also revealed that it will soon roll out the update to its previous flagship smartphones including Samsung Galaxy S8, S8, Galaxy Note 8, and Galaxy Note 9.

The company stated that the remap ability was coming soon with a future update to the Galaxy S10 devices. Now just about a week after the announcement, the company started rolling out a new update to the Galaxy S10 lineup with the remapping ability. However, XDA states that Samsung does not really allow its users to map the button to Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana, or Amazon Alexa. This clearly means that the company does not want users to switch to rival digital assistants with the help of a dedicated button on its Galaxy S and Galaxy Note devices.

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Moving further, users can map the button with any other app or set of actions. The selective treatment of apps was initially spotted by The Verge. However, XDA has figured out a way to bypass this with the help of a script from Tasker. According to the report, the Tasker script was converted into a dedicated Android app. Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup and other past Galaxy S and Galaxy Note users can use this Android app to remap the Bixby button.

As noted in the report, users need to map the button to use this app and then select the virtual digital assistant of their choice when the press the Bixby button. Users can get the app from this given link, and install it on their device. To begin the remapping process, users need to go to the “Bixby Voice Settings” and then select the “Bixby key”. Once there, select the “Double press to open Bixby” and then select “Use single press” option.

After selecting this, tap on the gear icon and find “Bixby Button Assistant Remapper” from the options and select it. The last step is to press the physical Bixby button and then selecting the virtual digital assistant of your choice from the options. It should be noted that you still can’t completely do away from Bixby as the remapping tool simply provides two states of the button, the single press, and the double press.

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