It looks like South Korean electronics giant Samsung seems to be actively working on its next flagship smartphone. Taking a look at the track record, the company is expected to launch its Samsung Galaxy S11 series on February 18, 2020. This is just a week before the start of MWC 2020. Similar to the S10 lineup, Samsung is likely to launch a regular-sized Galaxy S11, S11+, and a 5G variant. Recent reports also indicated that the company is expected to launch the smartphone with a similar design to what we saw in the Galaxy S10 series.

Samsung Galaxy S11 specifications

According to a new leak from Slash Leaks, it looks like Samsung has started testing the Galaxy S11 camera sensor. The report spotted the real-world image of what is supposed to the camera sensor for the Galaxy S11 on Weibo. Taking a closer look at the image, it looks like it is in some industrial contraption. The company is likely conducting early tests with the setup to see how it functions. The mechanical housing seems to be housing a dual camera setup that Samsung may be using to test upcoming features.

We should also note that Weibo took down the original post at the time of writing. This likely means that the leaked images could be the real deal. This information comes weeks after speculations surfaced the internet that Galaxy S11 may feature a 100-megapixel primary camera sensor. There is no real-world proof regarding this other than mere speculations. It is also possible that this may be a test module and Samsung may shake things up near the launch. This is likely to depend on how various camera designs work.

Past reports have also likely indicated that the Galaxy S11 series may come with support for 5x optical zoom. This will likely mean that the device will come with a triple camera setup on the back. It is also possible that the company may feature a quad rear-camera and a selfie camera in the front. It is too early to call the hardware final and this may change before launch.

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