New Samsung leaks are here. Trusty leaker ‘Ice Universe’ recently tweeted out three new leaks about Samsung’s new smartphones coming in 2020. These include new information about the Galaxy S11 and the Galaxy Fold 2. For reference, the Galaxy Fold 2 is the upcoming clam shell design foldable phone by the company, similar to the new Moto Razr 2019.

Samsung Galaxy S11 to renamed?

The Galaxy S11 is the anticipated flagship from the Korean brand. The phone will be the successor to the Galaxy S10 and will be Samsung’s new flagship phone until the next line-up of Note devices are revealed. However, according to Ice Universe, the upcoming Galaxy S11 might not be called the Galaxy S11 at all.

Watch: Samsung Galaxy Fold First Look

It seems the new phone will be renamed to Galaxy S20. If true, this is likely to mark the symbolic beginning of new decade for Samsung. The new nomenclature also suggests that the Galaxy S20 could be a major update with a bunch of new changes. Samsung started its flagship Android smartphone line up with the Galaxy S, way back in March 2010, a decade ago. It seems like a good idea for the brand to start fresh.

Is this the new Galaxy Fold?

Ice Universe even posted what looks like a photo of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. The new phone was rumored to feature a clamshell-like design similar to the Moto Razr 2019. The new picture confirms the same. Further, Ice Universe adds that rumors of the Galaxy Fold 2 using an ultra-thin glass material are also true. The new material will help the phone remain thinner, flatter and hence, have fewer or no wrinkles. This is because it will be glass and not plastic. A closer look at the picture also reveals that the phone is most likely going to run on Samsung’s One UI 2.0.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Ice Universe

While this information does not absolutely guarantee any of these facts, Ice Universe has seldom been wrong about Samsung’s predictions. We expect these predictions for the Galaxy S11/S20 and the new second Galaxy Fold to be true as well.

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