Is plastic a good choice for making on exorbitantly priced smartphones? Some of you may be fine whereas others may set out to boycott the brand entirely. Samsung doesn’t seem to care about it and after using plastic for the Galaxy S21 this year, the company is set to extend this material for the Galaxy S22 Plus model while reserving glass for the Ultra variant. 

Plastic haters may start to panic but you should know that this just a rumour coming from a Korean portal called Naver. Samsung is boldly using plastic for its expensive models such as the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy S21, and going forward, the S22 Plus model in the S series is also expected to get the same treatment. The current generation Galaxy S21 Plus is using glass for its rear in the same fashion as the Ultra. 

Plastic on more Galaxy S phones next year 

Of course, Samsung isn’t going to simply let the Galaxy S22 duo feel cheap. The report suggests that the company is working on a new back processing design that will make feel as premium as the Ultra model. Samsung hasn’t given any reason behind this radical choice of material but it could be down to the cost-cutting measures. After all, 5G chips aren’t getting cheap. 

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

The Galaxy S21 uses a plastic rear instead of the glass panels on the Plus and Ultra models. However, the fit and finish on the S21 aren’t much different from the Plus. Using plastic also helps to impart a lightweight feel to the comparatively compact design. Plus, plastic is well resistant to shatter and cracks compared to the glass models. 

The S22 series is expected to change the sizes of the display too, with the Galaxy S22 expected to have a 6.06-inch display. The S22 Plus will get a 6.5-inch display. It is the Ultra that will get a 6.8-inch OLED display with LTPO technology.  

It remains to be seen whether this trend is caught by rivals such as Apple and OnePlus. Apple went the opposite route with its iPhone 12 series last year, employing a bold metal and glass design. OnePlus retained the premium materials for the OnePlus 9 Pro but went with a plastic frame on the standard OnePlus 9.  

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