It looks like Samsung is taking notes from Apple Watch Series 4 for new features for its Galaxy Watch Active 2. According to a new report, Samsung is planning to add features like ECG and Fall detection in its upcoming wearable. Samsung is currently developing the upcoming version of the smartwatch. Both the features mentioned here initially came with the Apple Watch Series 4 that launched last year. We are already aware that Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is not going to be powered by Google Wear OS. So the addition of these two new features is likely to give Samsung enough firepower to take on Apple Watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 features

These new health features add to the list of things that we already know about the upcoming Galaxy Watch Active 2. According to a report by SamMobile, the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will come in two different sizes. This includes a larger 44mm strap and regular 40mm strap size. Talking about the design, the Watch Active 2 will be similar to Watch Active. One major change that Samsung has made in the Watch Active 2 is to remove the rotating bezel that we saw in previous Galaxy Watches.

Moving back to the two new features mentioned above, they will work in a similar way to watch we have seen in Apple Watch. This means that the ECG feature will allow users to record their heart rhythm from the wrist. The app will also take care of any hidden heart condition such as low or irregular heartbeats. It will be essential in providing users with useful notifications about Afib or atrial fibrillation. Since Apple was required to apply for an FDA clearance, Samsung may also be required to apply for one.

FDA clearance means that the feature may not be available out of the box. Instead, similar to Apple Watch Series 4, the company is likely to enable the feature in an update after the official launch. Moving to the fall detection, it will display an alert on the screen and vibrate to nudge the user in case of a fall. If the watch does not receive a response in a pre-defined time, it will automatically call emergency services. It is also likely to send messages to the emergency contacts of the user. We are unsure when the company is planning to launch the watch. Some indicate that Samsung is likely to launch it along with Note 10 on August 7.

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