Samsung’s Galaxy Watches are great and one of the few serious competitors to the popular Apple Watch lineup. However, the Korean tech giant apparently feels there is one key aspect missing in the range of Galaxy Watches. This is a sense of the premium look and feel. However, that is likely to be taken care of with the next Samsung Galaxy wearable.

As per a new report, Samsung will also offer a premium titanium version of its upcoming smartwatch. The new material will help the new Galaxy Watch be super durable and lightweight at the same time. With titanium, the brand will also enter the ‘premium’ segment where it currently has no product and where the Apple Watch has no threat.

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This new titanium variant is expected to be pretty expensive and that shouldn’t come at a shock. For instance, the Apple Watch Series 5 starts in India at Rs 40,900. However, the titanium edition of the same watch costs roughly Rs 30,000 more (in equivalent Indian pricing).

Previous reports have also suggested a little about the upcoming Galaxy Watch refresh. The new wearable is set to feature 8GB internal storage and will have a bigger 330mAh battery. The physically rotating bezel that has been a fan-favorite feature of the Samsung Galaxy Watch series is set to make a comeback here.

Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE specifications

The Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE is, for now, the latest in the Galaxy Watch series. It features standalone connectivity thanks to the LTE support via E-SIM. There are a smaller 42mm variant and a larger 46mm variant of the watch available. It features an AMOLED screen, the Exynos 9110 dual-core processor and 1.5GB RAM. The smaller 42mm variant features a 270mAh battery and is priced at Rs 28,490. Meanwhile, the larger 46mm variant features a 472mAh battery and is priced at Rs 30,990.

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