Late 2018 saw what we only heard of at that time: the beginning of the era of foldable phones. It was another of year of some tech innovation and over two years later, the concept is very much alive and on the road to become more conventional. Among the brands that began producing these intriguing phones, Samsung became a major name in this space and is still continuing to with its aim of making these bendable devices mainstream.

So, here we are, two days away from the launch of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Z Flip 3 and buzz is all about some enticing propositions we might see this year. But before we move ahead and welcome the new products, lets revisit the ones that have already been a part of the tech world.

Samsung foldable phones: The ones launched

It isn’t a long history of foldable smartphones but can be safely termed as a consistent effort to create one. Samsung has launched four foldable smartphones so far: the Galaxy Z Fold, the Galaxy Z Flip, the Galaxy Fold 2, and the Galaxy Z Flip 5G.

z fold 2

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

The first Samsung foldable phone (launched back in 2019) adopted the book-like opening scenario and was safely the head-turner. But, it also attracted some concerns on whether or not it is a durable product for it came under the negative spotlight for the unreliable hinge.

Then came a different foldable phone: the Galaxy Z Flip that opened vertically. This time Samsung came up with one-of-its kind Ultra-Thin-Glass (UTG) screen with an aim to resolve the durability concerns. The same was adopted by the Z Fold’s second installment and even the 5G variant of the Flip.

z fold 2

While I haven’t been the luckier one who got to use all these phones, I did get to spend some time with both the types Samsung makes: the Galaxy Z Flip and the Galaxy Fold 2. Both these phones take you into a realm filled with excitement and joy. The monotonous nature of smartphones these days make room for some consideration for a foldable phone.

The Galaxy Z Flip is all about a compact form factor for the ease of carrying a phone with much ease and opening it to use it like an elongated version of it. That was the time when Motorola came up with the Razr to cash in on the raging trend of a foldable phone and bring us some nostalgia. The Galaxy Z Flip, without a doubt felt more luxurious and after the initial inhibition, the fear of a broken phone just faded. No matter how many times you shut and open the phone, it didn’t cause any damage.

galaxy z flip

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

I recently experienced the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and this is the one that made more sense to me. The convenience of watching videos and reading stuff was blissful. My usage with smartphones involves a lot of video-streaming and searching for answers to numerous things on the web. This became a delight during my brief meeting with the phone. Typing, however, isn’t the best and what feels smooth on a regular phone became a task with a foldable phone.

Both these phones come with a secondary display. While the one on the Z Flip allows you to get notifications and even take selfies. The Fold 2 offers a second screen to use it like a conventional phone. Although, it feels more like an early version of an elongated and bulky phone. The good part is that the devices are too heavy and can make things easier for you.

z flip

Sadly, I couldn’t use the phones for a long time and tell whether or not investing in them is a great idea. But, it still is an idea worth exploring. And this is something that can be taken ahead with what we are about to see in a few days.

Samsung foldable phones: The ones that will

Samsung, after a slew of leaks, finally revealed the date it will launch the new foldable devices. Not all’s revealed by the South Korean major but for what for its worth, we have a a few leaks to give us an idea.

This time around, Samsung isn’t expected to experiment with the design: the same form factor for both the products is in tow. But, Samsung has confirmed that both the new foldable phones will exhibit a refined and more durable build. This is something we can surely welcome with open arms, considering a sturdier and improved durability is what one may need if using a foldable device still feels jittery. Maybe we can finally get rid of the crease that stays put when you fold the device.

leaked galaxy z flip 3

Image: LetsGoDigital

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Z Flip 3 are most likely to come with an upgraded spec sheet with a number of improvements in each department. But there’s something that might convince many people into buying the devices. The multitasking capabilities will increase further with the presence of an S Pen. The Z Fold 2 is the one that will support a stylus and the possibilities of the various use cases is endless. Odds of the Z Flip 3 supporting one are not too good. Then the phones are expected to be the first foldables by Samsung to be water and dust resistant.

But what’s the one thing we would really, really like a foldable phone to have? Affordability and it might be true. No, these foldable phones won’t carry a mid-range pricing but rumour has it that the Galaxy Z Flip 3 will start at $1,000 (around Rs 74,000), which could be nearby this price range in India too. Now, this is something. If its true, a foldable phone can be finally be in a league where people might consider buying it. With high-end specs, an enticing form factor, it can be an option for you if you have to choose from an iPhone or the high-end Galaxy S phone.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Source: Evan Blass

This can certainly make things smoother for a foldable phone and even Samsung, for it will be the one making inexpensive foldables a reality.

That said, we are yet to witness the launch event and see how Samsung positions these two upcoming foldable phones to turn more heads than before. Stay tuned to this space to see what’s coming!

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