Samsung has just released a new version of its in-house Good Lock app to bring an alternative for the missing notification LED on the Samsung Galaxy S10 devices. This is likely to be useful for all Samsung Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy S10e users who are missing out on the LED notification light that was present on previous Samsung Galaxy S series devices. Taking a closer look at the new update and notification LED alternative, Samsung has updated the EdgeLighting+ plugin that is available on the Good Lock app to support the display cutouts that are present on the Galaxy S10 series devices.

The EdgeLighting+ plugin adds a number of different effects giving users additional customization options over what we generally get from the regular Edge Lighting feature. This means that users will see the edges of the camera cutout light up whenever the device receives a notification from select apps and phone calls instead of the entire display lighting up. To make things easier, Samsung has named this new effect as “Eclipse” in the “EdgeLighting+” plugin.

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The new update was initially spotted by SamMobile, and the report terms the “notification LED” alternative as partial in nature. This is because the feature does not seem to work for third-party apps like WhatsApp when the screen is off. It is unclear why the “Eclipse” effect does not seem to work for third-party apps when the screen is turned off. It may have to do with battery life or maybe some limitation based on pre-installed system app and the user apps that are installed later.

According to the report, users can change the color of the notification based on the app and the length of the animation around the camera cut-out. It is worth noting that users will need to enable the Edge Lighting option from the “Edge screen” menu in the “Display” section in the “Settings” app.

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