Samsung is bringing 90Hz OLED to laptops, mass production to begin in March

OLED (organic light-emitting diode) laptops will likely become mainstream this year as Samsung has announced it will mass-produce the world’s first 90Hz OLED laptops in the first quarter of this year. In a statement attributed to Samsung Display Chief Executive Officer Joo Sun Choi, the company said it will initially produce very large quantities of 14-inch, 90Hz OLED displays for laptops and notebooks, beginning in March.

Samsung, which is among the largest supplier of OLED displays globally, said that their 90Hz OLED display is on par with the existing 120Hz LCD screens. As of now, a 60Hz LCD display is the most common on laptops, though some gaming laptops do offer OLED variants as well which are more expensive.

According to Samsung, the 90Hz OLED is aimed to satisfy diverse consumer needs in the telework, online education, video streaming, and gaming fields.

Samsung admitted that the OLED panels require the use of a high-spec graphic card as a 90Hz screen could put additional pressure on the GPU (graphics processing unit) to produce 90 frames per second, further making such laptops expensive.

Samsung itself used an HD QLED display in its Galaxy Chromebook 2, which was launched earlier this month ahead of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021. The affordable notebook comes at a starting price of $549.99, which is around Rs 40,300 on conversion and goes up to $699.99 (approximately Rs 51,400).

The Galaxy Chromebook 2 looks similar to the first-generation Galaxy Chromebook when it comes to design, but is a lot cheaper compared to the $999.99 (approximately Rs 73,300) price-tag for the previous laptop.

As of now, Samsung has not revealed the OEMs that it is working with or whether there will be more display sizes apart from 14-inch. An OLED 90Hz laptop could put Samsung ahead of Apple‘s MacBook Pro M1  in terms of specifications given it ships with Retina LED IPS display.

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