Samsung is at the forefront of innovative screen-making right now. The brand won the race to release the Galaxy Fold, first commercially available phone with a folding display. Months later, they’re already on the way to release a second folding screen smartphone.

However, a new patent has popped up now featuring a radical new design. According to Patently Mobile, a new Samsung mobile phone patent reveals a stretchable display. The patent which surfaced last week shows a display that can increase its size by a few inches without any form of the discontinuity. This means no folds, no creases and no breaks, just a seamless display.

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Samsung has reportedly made designs for telescopic screens, folding screens and flexible screens. The Korean company is looking forward to patent all these designs as soon as possible. Samsung applied for this new stretchable display design patent back in June at the US Patent and Trademark office.

How does the stretchable display really work?

The patent shows a device with narrow sides and a wide chin. The phone’s main attraction is the stretchable display which can be literally enlarged according to the users’ needs. The design features a removable back. The working seems simple looking at the patents. The device has a long screen that folds into the phone, backwards from the chin. When in the closed state, a majority of the folded screen lies behind the chin, folded. When needed, the excess screen can be pulled out like a ‘scroll’ to reveal a taller screen.

In theory, the phone addresses the compactness of a small size device. Further, it can be made larger when media or productivity apps demand more screen real estate. The stretchable display design tackles the same issues that folding smartphones like the Galaxy Fold tackled. Except now, there is a less-bulkier design, no crease-marks halfway through the screen and less chances of damage.  We really hope this patent actually makes it. But we cannot ignore the possibility of this template never being turned into an actual device, like so many other templates before.

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