Samsung already seems to be working on two more foldable smartphones after it launched the Galaxy Fold. As part of the information, the company also added that both the devices will come with different foldable designs than what we have seen in the Galaxy Fold. Launching new devices with new designs means that the company is trying to take advantage of its lead in the market. As previously reported, the first device will come with a “clamshell-like device” design that folds from the top towards the bottom while the second will come with a display that will fold on the outside instead of the inward fold.

The reason the company is experimenting with different designs is that no company has been able to crack the formula of the perfect foldable design. Till that time, most device makers will just have to experiment and learn. Considering that the company is likely working on these designs, the next step for the company is to make sure that they have protected their new design with the help of a patent. According to a new report by GSMArena, it looks like Samsung is following these steps as a new parent with a new foldable design was spotted online.

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The patent was initially spotted by Dutch website LetsGoDigital and according to the sketches in the patent, the device seems to be folding outwards instead of the inward fold on the Galaxy Fold. The drawings also indicate a small slider lock on the back of the device to ensure that both sides of the fold are secured properly. The report noted that this lock is likely to ensure that the sides of the device prevent “unwanted folds” while protecting the build quality of the device.

No other information on the specifications of the device is available at the time of writing and we are not sure when the company is planning to launch it the Indian market. However previous reports indicate that the company is likely to launch such a device in the second half next year.

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