Samsung is yet to officially start selling its Galaxy Z Flip smartphone globally. It will go on sale from February 14, 2020 but it is already off to a good start. The Korean company reportedly held an exclusive sale of a limited number of Galaxy Z Flip phones. The sale was held at its Digital Plaza stores in Seoul prior to the official release. During this early preview sale, the company reportedly offered 900 units of the Z Flip. Interestingly, all of the units available were sold out before the end of the day.

The company plans to start shipping Galaxy Z Flip to those who pre-ordered the device starting tomorrow. However, the early interest shows there is a genuine demand for the clamshell foldable smartphone. The demand is despite the relatively high price of KRW 1.65 million for the smartphone. According to GSMArena, the sale started at 10:30AM local time. The mirror purple unit was reportedly the first one to go out of stock at around 4:00PM local time.

The mirror black, which is the other option, was reportedly available until around 6:00PM local time. This sale also shows that the mirror purple color is the one consumers are interested. Samsung is reportedly planning to produce the purple model in lower numbers initially. If you are ordering online, you may have to wait a bit longer. The Korean smartphone maker will also add a mirror gold option to the model soon.

Alongside these three colors, there will be a Thom Browne Edition of the smartphone. This is expected to be available exclusively via online retail channels. There are also reports that the Thom Browne Edition will be available via offline stores for a limited period. With Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung is targeting consumers who want the latest and influencers. If these initial sales are an indicator then that marketing strategy might be working well for the company.

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