Samsung takes a jab at Apple by giving away free polishing cloths to buyers, the premium cloth that made headlines for its expensive price tag.

Apple astounded the world with its new polishing cloth in October that came at a whopping price of $19 (around Rs 1,400). Samsung now seems to be mocking its favourite rival by offering its black polishing cloth for free.

Samsung takes a jab at Apple, offers a bigger polishing cloth for free

As per the Dutch blog Galaxy Club, users were able to place a request for ‘a velvety soft cleaning cloth’ for their phones via Samsung’s Members app. While the tech giant offered the polishing clothes for free to its customers it is only limited to Germany and to the first 1,000 people who sign up.

But the good part is Samsung’s velvety cloth is larger by 20 x 20 centimetres compared to Apple’s 16 x 16 centimetres cloth. As per the blog, the polishing cloth is said to be made available on its full range of smartphones including the Galaxy foldables, premium Galaxy S21, and even the mid-range Galaxy A52s.

Samsung Polishing Cloth

Image Source: Galaxy Club

There’s no word on whether Samsung will continue this generous initiative in other markets, or whether the company will put a price tag in the near future. It is nothing surprising for Apple being chiacked by Samsung, the latter mocked the Cupertino tech company and made fun of the iPhone’s missing audio jack back in 2019. It also teased Apple for not shipping a charger with the iPhone, although Samsung followed its rival’s trail with the Galaxy S21 series (in Brazil).

That said, Apple brought its expensive $19 polishing cloth alongside its new MacBook Pros and AirPods 3 after its ‘Unleashed’ event. While price took the world by storm, another factor that raised concern was the products that are compatible with the polishing cloth. And many are trying to figure how to clean the cloth if (of course) it gets dirty. More so, reports predict whether Samsung will continue with this promotion in other regions this year, as Apple is already facing shipping delays, meaning if a user orders a Polishing Cloth today, they will have to wait until 2022.

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