Samsung W21 5G bags TENAA and 3C certifications

After releasing the Samsung W20 5G last year, which came with a dual-screen design like the Galaxy Z Fold 2 foldable smartphone, it seems that now the South Korean manufacturer is working on a successor that we might know as the Samsung W21 5G. The reason behind that is because a new Samsung device carrying the model number SM-W2021 has been seen to be certified by TENAA.

The identity is not yet known, but the model number is similar to that of the existing W-Series lineup of smartphones. Including one of them is the Samsung W20 5G, which has the model number SM-W2020. There is also the Samsung W2019, which uses the model number SM-W2019. Therefore, the SM-W2021 has a great chance of coming out like the Samsung W2021 5G.

Samsung W21 5G certifications

Based on the TENAA listing, it is suspected that the Samsung W21 smartphone will have two screens as we saw in its predecessor, with the main screen measuring 6.23 inches and having dimensions of 128.2 x 159.2 x 6.2 mm. The TENAA certification further says that this new phone from Samsung will support Dual-SIM. And have dual-cell batteries with capacities of 2,090 mAh and 2,160 mAh, respectively. In total, the Samsung W21 5G has the same total battery capacity of 4,250 mAh as the Samsung W20.

As the name suggests, the Samsung W21 5G will support 5G, and that’s all TENAA has to offer. But we can expect the certification to be updated soon to provide more information regarding the specifications. Including the images that the Samsung W21 5G will bring. Moreover, we also saw the Samsung W2021 pocket the 3C certification. This again confirmed that it will be a device with 5G connectivity and comes with support for 15 Watt charging.

But apart from that, unfortunately, no more information was revealed. For now, details about this device are still scarce. But its appearance on TENAA and 3C makes speculation that Samsung can make this new smartphone official soon. Last year the Samsung W20 5G was launched in November. It is possible that its successor, the Samsung W21 5G, will be released around the same time.

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