Samsung will continue to run Tizen on its Smart TVs, even after Google partnership

Google during its I/O 2021 developers conference announced its collaboration with Samsung for wearable devices. Under the partnership, the companies will collaborate to merge Samsung’s Tizen operating system with Google’s Wear OS to make a new redesigned operating system for wearables, called Wear.

While this collaboration means an end of Tizen on the Galaxy Watch series, Samsung in a statement to Protocol has said that it will keep its Smart TVs running the Tizen platform.

All of Samsung’s Smart TVs run its Tizen operating system tweaked to work on televisions. However, after Google made the partnership public, many people were afraid that this could mean Samsung abandoning its current generation of Smart TVs looking at a switch in Samsung’s TV software, which was not too far. Rumours were suggesting that Samsung is now looking to finally make a swatch to the Android TV platform. However, Samsung has told Protocol that “Tizen still is the default platform for our smart TVs going forward.”

Google’s and Samsung’s partnership does not include merging Tizen with Android TV, which means that Samsung has other plans for its television division and wants to remain a competitor to Google’s Android TV in the smart television segment.

Why partner with Google?

Google with its new wearable operating system, Wear is now pushing hard in the category. Not only is it partnering with Samsung to help it make the new operating system, bit it is making use of all of the resources it gained from the acquisition of Fitbit.

As of now, we do not know what this partnership will ensue. However, this alliance could offer users good battery life cleaner UI, speed and more.

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