Samsung working on Apple-like smart object tracker called Galaxy Smart Tag: Report

South Korean electronics giant Samsung is looking to spread its wings further and venture into smart tracking objects. According to a Gsmarena report, the Samsung smart tracker will reportedly work in concert with the Samsung Smart Things ecosystem which was announced earlier this year.

The technology seems to be in line with what Apple introduced with its AirTags, a Bluetooth enabled object tracker. Apple has been working on the Tile-trackers for a while now with no information about the official launch of the smart device.

The report also mentions that the device may be called Galaxy Smart Tag and was certified by the Indonesian authorities with the model number EI-T5300.

A smart tracking device has the primary purpose of helping you keep a track of your personal items like your bags, a gadget or maybe even a person. The small tracking device can be attached to an object and users can track its location with the help of apps.

Usually, a tracker is small in size and come with an inbuilt long-life battery pack that can last for months. Currently, there are many third-party vendors who supply smart tracking devices and can cost anywhere between Rs 500 – Rs 3,000.

Not the first tracker for Samsung

This isn’t Samsung’s first attempt at smart tracking devices. The company launched the SmartThings LTE-enabled tracker almost two years ago.

At the moment there is ambiguity around what kind of connectivity options the Galaxy Smart Tag will offer – whether it sticks to Bluetooth of experiment with additional stuff like UWB (Ultra-wideband), LTE , and/or GPS as well. It will also need Android 8 or above to function.

It is expected that the new smart tracker will be rolled out alongside the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 series of smartphones which is rumored to be unveiled mid-January next year. Pricing and other details about the Galaxy Smart Tag are still not known.


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