Samsung’s new TV remote uses your WiFi router’s energy to stay charged

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022 will commence on January 5. While most companies are waiting for the annual trade fair to begin for showcasing their products, Samsung isn’t waiting that long. The company has started unveiling its product lineup for CES 2022, which includes a new lineup of smart TVs and monitors. In addition to this, the company has also introduced a new eco-friendly remote as a part of its CES 2022 lineup.

Samsung has introduced a new Eco Remote that uses radio waves for charging its battery. This new Eco Remote comes with RF harvesting capabilities. This means that this remote can soak up small amounts of Radio Frequency (RF) emitted by various devices in homes such as WiFi Routers, radios and wireless telephones and convert it into electricity. In other remote control devices, such as TV remotes and streaming stick remotes, AAA size batteries are used for providing this electric current for using the remote for controlling the connected devices.

The Verge reports that in addition to using the RF harvesting option, the Eco Remote can also be charged using indoor and outdoor light and it is meant to complement its lifestyle TVs including The Frame, The Sero and the Serif. Furthermore, the company’s new Eco Remote uses recycled materials, which reduces its environmental impact further.

As far as the availability is concerned, the remote will be available in Black and White colour variants. Though it remains to be seen if Samsung will ship it with its new lifestyle TVs or if users will have to purchase it separately.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time that Samsung has introduced an eco-friendly remote. The company had introduced the first iteration of its Eco Remote at CES 2021. At the time, the remote could be charged using solar energy. This year, Samsung has added the RF harvesting capability to it.

Separately, Samsung has also announced the new MICRO LED, Neo QLED and Lifestyle TVs ahead of CES 2022. The company’s new lifestyle TV range includes The Sero, The Frame and The Serif.

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