There’s a new competitor that popular mobile games PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile have to contend with. Shadowgun War Games is a new game from Madfinger Games which is set to take on the mobile gaming arena. To be fair the Shadowgun franchise has been running for a while now and this is the newest edition. Shadowgun War Games is a tactical multiplayer First Person Shooter for 5v5 Player versus Player battles.

Shadowgun War Games: Features

This game is rather similar to Overwatch in most of the aspects. The only catch here for fans of Overwatch is that they would have to use touch controls. If that poses no issue then they should enjoy the game plenty. The game isn’t available in all regions and countries yet. This is because the publishers Madfinger Games is going for a phased release. The game is already available for Android and iOS in India. As for the franchise, Shadowgun is one of the oldest and most popular FPS games on mobile. And this seems like a good expansion point for the game.

The game has controls that are similar to the other FPS games on mobile. Frankly if anyone has played any of the old Shadowgun games, playing this game would be a cruise for them. The game cones with different kinds of heroes like Overwatch and players can customize them as well. These heroes each have unique abilities like Blink, Shield for defensive players and Berserk mode for players with an aggressive play style.

The most important part of the game has to be the multiplayer aspect of it where the player get a team of four other players and they have to face off against another team of five players. This opens up the game for competitive possibility and we wouldn’t be surprised of like Overwatch a competitive scene for this game developed as well.

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