ShopClues is following in the footsteps of Flipkart and Amazon India. The online marketplace has announced that it will also deliver essential items to customers in India. As part of this announcement, ShopClues is promising two-day quick delivery of essential items in New Delhi and Gurugram. The service went live on April 7, 2020 and is aimed to help Indians during the 21-day lockdown period.

The company said the main aim of the service is to facilitate customers with access to their daily and medical needs. This will also eliminate the need to step out of homes and avoid exposure to the risk of contagion. ShopClues, like it’s rivals, has also introduced contactless delivery. It encourages customers to pay online for their products while the delivery personnel will drop the package at the doorstep to avoid human contact.

“In this current situation, what is important is that our customers have quick access to products that are essential for their daily living without having to step out of their homes to make these purchases and still have them delivered at home as early as possible,” said Sanjay Sethi, Chief Executive Officer, ShopClues. “Our two-day delivery initiative will fulfill all these requirements. To make this possible, we are very closely aligning our technology and logistic teams so that service to the customer is seamless and quick,” added Sethi.

During this period, ShopClues will deliver essentials items related to personal hygiene and safety, groceries, OTC medicines, medical equipment, etc. The online platform has started delivery of essential services with the two-day delivery in Delhi and Gurugram. However, it plans to expand the service across NCR shortly. The government has been pushing the online marketplaces to deliver essential services. While the service is not as established as the traditional e-commerce, the deliveries seem to be happening finally.

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