After the sudden increase in the popularity of video calling apps like Zoom and Houseparty, the veteran player Skype seemed overshadowed. Now, to up the game, Skype has launched a new quick and easy feature called ‘Meet Now’, to let users start a group conversation without sign-ups or downloading the app.

Skype’s Meet Now feature will enable a user to host a group call with a unique link. This link could be generated with just one click, and will allow other participants to join with an invite. The good part about this feature is that it’ll allow participants to join the group video call without having to sign up or download the Skype app.

What it means is, one admin can generate a link and pass it around to the meeting attendees. Now, when these concerned attendees click the link, they’ll either be taken to Skype on the Web or, if on mobile app directly. At present, there are two supported browser – Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. Skype has noted that this link never expires, and can be used anytime.

“Our unique link will open your installed Skype app on any device. Even if you’re not signed in, you can join the video call as a visitor – no account is needed,” noted Skype’s official website. “Meetings have no expiration date so you can create your meetings ahead and join anytime. We will hold your call recordings for up to 30 days and shared media even longer. Perfect for your conference calls, webinars or interviews!”

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Last week, Skype announced that its platform saw a surge of 70 percent within a month. The service is now being used by about 40 million people globally. It noted that Skype-to-Skype calls were bumped up in number by 220 percent compared to just a month ago. The stocks of various similar video-conferencing companies saw a rise after many countries including India went into lockdown. Also seeing a rise in stocks were gaming companies, serving as entertainment to millions of people confined to their homes.

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